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Paddling pool edition

… be continued

by Isabell Arnke, Mara Atkins, Friederike Hartge, Anneke von Hohnhorst

This collection includes notes, scores and a short film with traces of the performed score inspired by Anna Halprin´s score of The Lunch. It arose from pre-working and resulted in an intensive three-day rehearsal session, working on the pre-developed intention with Lawrence Halprin´s RSVP Cycles (Resources, Score, Valuaction and Performance) as a structuring method. The following is work in progress after the three days and should give you an insight to our creative process. It sets a starting point for a profound research which we intend to continue.

This is the final revised visualisation of our score after the three-day session. We invite you to decipher and interpret the Paddling Lunch Score.

Score draft number 2

If you have the opportunity perform it…….

……here a list of required objects and preparation.

Eleven meter of processdocumentation:

Step 1: final decision on the pre-worked ideas.

Outcome: the matter of seriousness of a business lunch set in a childish environment of a paddling pool. Humor through setting and the task of eating with all western trained table manners on the moving and gravity shifting element of water.

1: Starting point- Intention

Step 2: gathering of required resources.

Step 3: first design of our score. The S of RSVP.

3: Score draft number 1

Step 4: we experienced the score by performing it and through this became aware of its functionality and dysfunctionality.

Step 5: after, we reflected and evaluated our perceptions and experiences using Anna Halprin´s method of the 3 Levels of Awareness – physically, emotionally and mentally.

Step 6: discussing what worked and what needed ajusting, we visualised our Valuaction, the V in the RSVP Cycle by Lawrence Halpin. We deliberatly split the word back into value and action to visually opend a space of reconnecting to the the work itself: the intention, the score, awareness and to clarify what really is a value and an action . Visualising it this way allowed an even deeper understanding of how the valuation is intertwined and depening on the value of the action and/or the action of the value. This set out the ground to further development in repeating the RSVP Cycle in it´s then gained stage and actually making even more connections and meanings.

Traces of our Paddling Lunch Performance:

« Paddling Lunch »
by Isabell Arnke, Mara Atkins, Friederike Hartge, Anneke von Hohnhorst


Ethical Statement

Necessity of the Resources Water and Food

This score´s foundation is set by the two most essential elements to fulfil human basic needs – food and water. 

That is why playing with these two precious resources in a sense of wasting it, should also raise our awareness of the scarcity on our planet.

Performing this score should be done in a sustainable way. This can be achieved in several ways:

Using water to water plants in garden, or trees in the city afterwards.

Ask the local grocery shops for expired food which would go to waste but still edible. These points can still be met when touring the score.

Health and safety of the performers must be insured at all time. Sufficient hygiene and health condition is essential!

The necessity of the resources is vital to hit the intentions of the work.

This statement can be seen as an additional restriction for the score or as a contribution to preserve the environment!

Stay safe and be kind to yourself, others and the planet.

With Love,

Anneke, Friederike, Isabell, Mara