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Hidden Lunch //

// lunching in replay

by Razan Naser Eddin, Christine Schramm, Stephanie Benze

The rules of social behavior are learned explicitly and implicit. Some of these rules and behaviors are manifested in the body and its movement. Dealing with this topic leads us to the conflict of spatial displacements/placements. How does the pandemic and the forced social disconnection affect the social concept of lunch?

The Hidden lunch Score centers itself around the experience of lunching within the pandemic situation of social distancing. The food only serves as a representation of the social status and the economic situation that changed due to the pandemic

We will have lunch at/on/beside/under a table that serves as the stage for our individual experiences where we perform a lunch according to the feeling that is left after being socially isolated for a year and half. 

The title «Hidden Lunch» refers to the «hidden time» we went through eating at home by ourselves, that is now displayed and visualized.


table + tableware + white tablecloth

technical equipment + photo and video edit skills

three individual performers with their own private settings (indoor (private atmosphere))

food and drinks + individual props

virtual resources of Lunch Score

memories of social distancing in the pandemic + individual body memories

Hidden Lunch: Score

1.) Each participant performs alone.

2.) Create a lunch at your home and integrate issues of social distancing. Focus on the social meaning of having lunch together and the existing rules for it as well.

3.) Don’t use a collective script about the lunch procedure: Each person performs on its own and has to find individual images and ways of visualization.

4.) Intent to break the norms of eating by adding social layers to your lunch. 

5.) Figure out intersections and differences of the three lunch scenes and bring them together on screen.

set of tasks

set the table as your stage/ question your learned ways of satiety/ add visibility for the invisible to your table/ perform a lunch

Individual Valuaction

1st notice: Issues when performing alone

Quality check interrupts workflow. Energy and time resources are limited.

Conclusion: Better spread the functions of performing and recording.

2nd notice stability of the table, limitation of space and satiety during performing restricts movements and actions

Conclusion: Better test, select and rehearse the possibilities and ways how to eat the food and how to use the probs.

For the next Performance: Play with the restrictions/ create new tasks. Like for example eating slower or less. Like deepening the movement quality during and after eating. Stabilizing the table or adjust the movement.

3rd notice: Remaining questions

Thoughts, ideas and memories popping up during recording session: Catch them or let them pass?

Mood changes while performing: Integrate or ignore them?

Conclusion: Develop this as a quality and use it for the next performance.

Group Valuaction

1st notice: Bringing individual works into a final work

The creation of Hidden Lunch needed new strategies of working. Bringing together the single performances and settings (like angle of camera, light setting, background, number of pictures and actions) required a new form of communication that needs even further development . The processual character of this work animates to think further: how can we continue this way of working?

Conclusion: Have a clear vision of how the final video performance should look like/can be edited and set up. For the next Performance: Integrate specified setting rules in the score and adapt the form of communication along the whole work process.

2nd notice: Building a stable common ground to work on

Establish a connection after performing isolated was quite difficult 

Conclusion: For reasons of clarity and comprehensibility arrange restrictions and common features.

3rd notice: Time organization

To alter the course in a digital group performance turned out to be more difficult due to indirect communication and spatial distance.

Conclusion: Plan with extra time to swap ideas by creating a proposal and staying focused on the intention for the next performance.

Remaining question: Is it necessary to show the process of eating in a lunch performance?


« Hidden Lunch »
by Stephanie Benze, Razan Naser Eddin, Christine Schramm